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Southern Highlands People Photographer

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real, authentic moments

I love looking back at photos of my childhood. There's a great sense of movement in many of the still photographs we pour over ... with each one I can imagine the warmth of the sun on my skin, feel the dribble of ice-cream down my chin, or feel that warm embrace in the cuddle from a loved one. There were no filters, no posing, and no studio lights. When looking back at them, so many senses are awakened, stories shared about how we came to be right there, in that special place, capturing that moment. Those feelings, that warmth, is what I strive to capture for the people I photograph. Couples sharing that special moment together after making their heartfelt vows, little ones nervously hiding behind mum's leg before finally forgetting I'm around and emerging to shine, teenagers who walk the fine line between wanting to hold on and needing to let go. Let me capture the moments you will pour over for years to come. The morning spent together in your garden, chasing the kids in the park, the nervous tears, tired eyes, and heartfelt moments ...


"Gina you've brought me to tears! I love these photos!!!!!! I have no words for you. They are incredible" (Jess Palmer)


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, Gina. You've captured both of their personalities so wel!!" (Krista Beckhause)




Bowral | Southern Highlands | NSW