Claire and Aiden | Mrs Macquaries Chair

It was late one evening, just as I was crawling into bed, when I heard a message ping on my phone. I had been trying desperately to have some down time before sleep each night, but like a lot of us, I continue to find myself using the few minutes of peace and quiet before sleep to respond to messages, research locations, check out some inspiring work, or just connect with family and friends. Minutes often turn into hours, but it's a hard habit to break. I reached over for my phone and started reading with one eye squinted. it's not surprising to have a sister, mum, or bridesmade research in order to take some pressure off the bride and groom by creating a shortlist of vendors for them. What was surprising was that this bridesmaid was enquiring for a wedding shoot a mere few days away! Her gorgeous friend, the bridesmaid told me, was meant to be having an engagement party in a few short weeks, but they had instead decided to use that party to announce their marriage! Their chosen date was a weekday, so after a quick diary check, I confirmed the date and locked them in. I had no time, no location, and no idea of how the day was to unfold. A quick succession of messages the following day gave me just enough information to turn up to the right place at the right time.

It was a grey and drizzly day. The lovely couple and their very select family and friends arrived late, and in an overflowing people mover that was brimming with nervous energy and excitement. Umbrellas where passed around and makeup was checked. I felt instantly at ease. This was a gorgeous young couple, The bride smiling and happy, the groom calm and chivalrous, protecting his wife to be from the strengthening rain. I had carefully shortlisted some 'wet weather' locations with the help of Google as I was waiting for them to arrive ... the headland at Mrs Macquaries chair adjoins the Royal Botanic Garden which is speckled with rotundas and covered spaces which would have been a sanctuary from the rain. "No need" said the two of them in unison.

What started as a grey wet day ended in loads of laughs, muddy shoes, stolen kisses, and a small group of family and friends united in the joy of celebrating this most beautiful intimate wedding. Take a look through the gallery to see some of the pics of the day :)