Aldo and Isabella | Milton Park, Bowral

I was so excited to hear from a dear friend recently - we had spent our senior school years together and had been in and out of each others homes, and in and out of our parents kitchens, for several years! Although we now live far away from each other, and our lives have taken their own twists and turns, it is lovely to keep in touch through the magic that is Facebook and feel connected to one another.

She invited me to help document her parents 40th wedding anniversary, here in the beautiful Southern Highlands, and I was thrilled to be asked. It was such a beautiful morning ... i was still on a high from the wedding the day before, and it felt like in one weekend I was seeing both ends of enduring love and commitment. Isabella and Aldo had booked a beautiful home for their family to enjoy for the weekend, and although miles away from their own home, it felt just as welcoming and comfortable. Whilst Isabella and her beautiful girls put the finishing touches on their outfits for the day (and effortlessly handled a broken zipper with ease!), the men in the family waited patiently for everyone to arrive, helping to dress kids, walk puppies, and fill any duties that were required. 

Their three gorgeous granddaughters had been eagerly looking forward to this beautiful event for their grandparents. Whilst Aldo and Isabella's dear friend performed a small and touching ceremony marking this beautiful occasion, the girls relished small roles they chose to perform. The room was brought to tears more than once! What was extra special was that although this was a celebration of 40 years of marriage, love, commitment, and friendship, the focus of the day was very much on legacy. Through their marriage, Aldo and Isabella had raised 4 beautiful children, and as their children's families grew and continue to grow, this beautiful couple are strong role models to each future generation. Their children spoke beautifully of the kindness, loyalty, support, and friendship that their parents had modelled in their marriage, that set the tone and expectations of their own relationships. They spoke of the unconditional support their parents had given them and continue to give to the grandchildren on a daily basis. It was a moving and touching day x