Lex and Rob | Bowral, Southern Highlands

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I knew, from the first day I spoke with Lex and Rob, that this wedding would be all things amazing. I’m a sook in day to day life anyway … the Kleenex ad, with that little fluffy puppy, makes me tear up! And don’t even get me started on the Apple ads … I don’t even HAVE an Iphone, but the music, the story…. Gets me Every. Single. Time! All weddings hit me hard. Sometimes its knowing the journey hasn’t been easy, or the thrill of young exuberant love in all its enthusiasm. So often, it’s knowing that a loved one will be dearly missed from the celebrations, and nearly always, it’s remembering my own wonderful wedding day. Knowing that more than just a party and a piece of paper, from that day on a new fork in the road is taken. More happiness than you think you can feel, the pain, the trials and tribulations that you can’t even begin to imagine when you are standing there in front of your loved ones in the happiest moment of your life. I think about all the highs and lows… and feel grateful, lucky (because, yes, luck and great timing should not be underestimated in two people meeting and coming together), and more in love than ever, seeing other beautiful couples start their own personal journey into married life. This one was different though. 34 years! These warm, funny, intelligent, and down right awesome ladies, have been together 34 YEARS! This time, I felt well and truly humbled. Through the changing impact of what society believes is right and wrong, through serious illness, and with a love stronger than I think I can imagine, these ladies stood in front of their most precious loved ones, and made a commitment to keep loving each other as they have been all these years. A day they both thought would never come. More tears flowed at this intimate celebration than I have ever seen before. Loved ones unable to express how truly happy they were to be witnessing such a wonderful day. The readings were poignant, the stories hilariously funny, the love overwhelming, and every person in the room feeling that these two ladies had changed their lives at some point, in the most wonderful way.

Lex and Rob were married at a stunning friends property in beautiful Bowral, so generously offered to them to host their celebration. They waited in the ‘Panic Room’ whilst all their friends and families arrived, many having not previously met, but becoming instant friends. As they walked out to greet everyone, the tears started flowing, the joy was unmissable. Alex Lollback performed the most wonderful ceremony, apparently stealing many of the BEST stories of their meeting and courtship, leaving the MC, wonderful Anthea, to revert to plan B later in the night! Afterwards, they mingled with loved ones, until I pulled them away for a few quiet moments for us to talk around the 150 year old gardens, and chase the beautiful golden light of sunset before returning them to join their party

A perfect beginning to an even more wonderful night ahead … x

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