Patrick and Vicki | Tallong, Southern Highlands

Patrick and Vivki | Talong, NSW

On my way to a recent event, I arrived a few minutes early, parked my car, and took a moment to flick through my emails. Running from job to job, I struggle to find a moment to do such a simple task, but thank goodness for technology!

An email subject line caught my eye - an urgent call out for a last minute wedding photographer. I scanned it quickly and shot off a reply … I would be free in a couple of hours, and would call then, but at a quick glance, I could make this work if their ceremony was in the late afternoon, imagining for a moment how those few hours would feel like days when in a panic. I then saw a quick succession of messages from my fellow local photographers (how absolutely lovely that we all get along so well, support each other, and work together whenever needed) There was an urgent cry for help, Patrick and Vicki had booked a photographer, but they cancelled on them (for good reasons!), could any of us help? I turned off my phone, vowed to make my appearance at this event brief, and would call the minute I got out. Hopefully by that time, Patrick and Vicki would be spoilt for choice by photographers that could help them with a few days notice.

I turned up to their beautiful property in Tallong, and as I pulled up in the driveway, I could see that the ceremony location had been set up in the centre of a stunning apple grove, with the escarpment in the background. The Paddocks surrounding the home were filled with cars, the odd tent, and a healthy smattering of happy kids running around. Patrick found me immediately, calmly introduced himself, and showed me where the girls were getting ready. I felt instantly at ease. I’ve never been greeted as warmly as I was when I walked in to the house to meet Vivki. She looked STUNNING! She was surrounded by the most beautiful group of girls, fussing, helping, and loving her … this wedding was filled with so much love! As the girls finished off their preparation, their guests made their way to the ceremony location, filling up the haybale seats to wait eagerly for the bride to make her entrance.

I rarely meet a groom like Patrick, so into planning his own wedding, clearly in awe of his gorgeous bride, telling her every moment he can how beautiful she looks, how happy he is, checking in on her. Vicki was a ray of sunshine, warm and radiating happiness. In the middle of getting ready, she called out the window to family to see how Patrick was going, was he feeling Ok? Did he need anything? Thinking of him during what is for most brides, their most nerve wrecking last few minutes. Their ceremony reflected them perfectly, warm, funny, and touching. Their guests were all truly happy to be there to share in their joy.

After the ceremony, we wondered off around the property to grab some photo’s together, moving from one gorgeous spot to another. Take a look at some of the images from this beautiful wedding below x

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