Pete and Rach | Centennial Vineyards, Bowral

Pete and Rach | Centennial Vinyards, Bowral

I drove up to the beautiful property in Mittagong to meet gorgeous Rach and her family, and was stunned by its beauty! For some reason, I had it in my mind that her parents owned the beautiful home she was staying at, and wondered how they could have looked past the immaculate gardens for the wedding ceremony - I was greeted with collective sighs of, “I Wish!” when I voiced my thoughts. Their home away from home was a picture perfect space for a bride to be to get ready for her big day - bright and airy, spacious, with a separate little annex with an open loft and warm fire. Rach and her family welcomed me warmly, and I felt instantly at ease in their company. The atmosphere was calm, un-rushed, and relaxed … there’s always something special about a home away from home to get ready in - no rushing around attending to chores and daily tasks, just enjoying the moment.

Rach and Pete were married in the garden of the lovely Centennial Vinyards, just as the sun was lowering in the sky on a bright and sunny winters day. They were surrounded by love, family, and warmth, as they declared their love in the presence of family and friends. Their strong wish for loved ones was to laugh and cry as they they saw fit, and to celebrate the day with them with all their heart. Whilst their guests enjoyed canapes by the large open fire in the courtyard, we snuck off for a few photo’s, chasing the warm light.

Take a look at a few shots from the most perfect day!