Sharon and Rob | Glenquarry Hall, Southern Highlands

Sharon and Rob | Glenquarrie Hall

If there’s one thing that makes a photographer do a little happy dance, it’s clouds, beautiful white clouds as a perfect backdrop to rolling hills and gorgeous faces. I am sure that Rob and Sharon woke up on their wedding day to a clear blue sky and bright shinning sun and felt relief that their day was looking perfect, but I secretly got excited when the clouds started rolling in as the day went on! A little less-so when I felt drops of rain … but no one dares complain about rain these days, not even a bride and groom!!

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect setting for Sharon and Robs special day. Glenquarry Hall is set right on gorgeous Tourist Road in Glenquarry … a small little village in the Southern Highlands of NSW. It stands alone, against a stunning backdrop of rolling hills, that are not as green as usual, but still strikingly beautiful. As their guests started arriving, the passing cars slowed down and tooted their hello’s, smiling enthusiastically as they realised they were passing a wedding (I’m always amazed at how much joy this special celebration brings to absolute strangers!) The sun ebbed and flowed behind different shades of clouds, and the occasional rain drop threatened the afternoon, but was gentle enough to not cause any concern. I cried real tears when Sharon walked down the grass aisle towards Rob with her gorgeous daughter at her side, and greeted Robs children warmly before she even embraced her husband to be. They were surrounded by so much love, it was difficult to not be moved.

After the perfect ceremony, we left their family and friends who were spilling onto the street, and meandered down the road to take some portraits together. We took advantage of a little break in a fence to walk through the most beautiful paddock of lush green feed, and I faked confidence when telling them this was really the wrong season for snakes!! We all survived, and Rob and Sharon went on to party the night away with their family and friends