Street Feast | The Mill, Bowral

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, than at the Street Feast Markets, held in the outdoor space at The Mill. Felt a huge sense of de-ja-vu given I was there only the night before capturing a Christmas Party - but such a different vibe today! There was loads of amazing food ... dumplings to rival our Chatswood experience from what feels like a life time ago, gourmet hot dogs, Italian salamis and smallgoods (OMG the Salami with Truffle ... yumm!!), and my own mum and dad had been asked at the last minute to go down there with their charcoal grill to cook up some super yummy greek chicken kebabs! The live music was awesome, the kids ran around and danced and played, and the beer and wine was plentiful. And the dogs!... cute doggo's everywhere! I even met #georgethecountryexplorer and am now following him on Instagram!

We are really starting to feel so settled in this gorgeous town. We're making some really lovely friends, and I love living the stereotype of bumping in to half the town where ever you go. Even Otu is starting to get to know people, now that he's no longer commuting and is working from home. This is exactly why we left Sydney where we felt constantly surrounded by people, but also isolated at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I love the city, and loved our lives there, but this is just something else! 

Fingers are crossed that these markets become a regular thang!