Taylor Family | Berrima River, Berrima

My best ever purchase since we moved to Bowral, has been my unbreakable riding boots. They looked shiny and new for all of one day, and have taken me from wedding (all polished up to disguise the wear and tear!) to bush bashing (the dustier the better) from the very beginning. They are creased, loved, scuffed, and well worn. They are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable. I keep them by the back door and throw them on to garden, feed the chooks, do the school run... You get the picture. These boots are my constant reminder of how far our lives have moved from our Sydney life. I don't believe I owned more than one pair of flat shoes back then ... No, I lie ... One pair of thongs for the beach, and a pair of trainers I never had time to use.

I threw my boots on, uncleaned, to meet up with the gorgeous Taylor family on the day of their photoshoot. A gorgeous early Autumn day, not a cloud in the sky, and a perfectly setting late afternoon sun. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I usually cross my fingers and wish for a thin scattering of cloud over the entire sky. Clouds act as a natural light diffuser, flattering skin and eliminating harsh shadows. But on this day, the bright sky didn't worry me one bit. We were going for a walk through the stunning Berrima bushland, and the trees and dramatic landscape would shape my light perfectly. I was greeted with a flurry of excitement ... 3 gorgeous kids and 2 excited pups! As we started our walk, Chrissie and Kevin told me of how meaningful this part of the world is to them. This beautiful walk has been a constant in their lives as they added pups and kids to their family, each new member joining them on lazy weekend afternoons spent down by the Weir with a picnic and a swim, and the setting sun. 

For all of the families I photograph, there is usually a moment on our shoot where they decide to do more of what it is we are doing together, without me there of course! More playing in the garden, more disconnecting from work, more family time, bushwalks, cuddles, and just sitting back and watching the kids be kids. I always come  home, too, with a renewed sense of wanting to share even more with my family,  learning from each and every family I photograph how valuable it is to just give time to each other. I heard Chrissie tell Kevin that they should do this walk more often, remembering together how beautiful it is, and how important it is to their fabric as a family ... He nodded along, knowIngly.  

Below is a little sample of the photo's from the day - If you are local and haven't had a chance to check out this hidden gem, you're missing out!! If you get lost, ask me and I'll enthusiastically point you in the right direction. If you're from afar, make the time to check it out next time you're here in our little piece of paradise. You won't be disappointed!