A Day in the Life | Robertson, NSW

I love my "Day in the Life" shoots - they are such a unique and authentic way to capture the essence of family life, which is different and special for every single family I photograph. There's no posing, or styling - and definitely no matching outfits! Just me and my camera spending time with your family.

Adam and his sisters are spread far and wide, like so many families these days. They were all coming together to holiday and celebrate their dad's 60th bday in a lovely local home with a cosy open fire, huge space for the grandkids kids, and a sprawling garden to enjoy. From the moment I walked in to their borrowed home, I felt their warmth and was instantly at ease. After meeting everyone and working out who is who, I quietly found a spot to leave my things, and took myself round their lovely house. There was soft light streaming in from all sides, multiple living areas were being enjoyed by various members of the family, and the kids were keen to show off their amazing sleeping area, a HUGE loft room to house them all on the second story of this home. 

For most of the day, I sat well back, and just captured their family just being. We sometimes talked and laughed, I played with the little ones, enjoyed a cuppa, and was even lucky enough to capture some gorgeous moments of story time and tucking little ones in to bed. They kicked the footy around in the garden, read the paper, took after lunch naps, and played games. In the late arvo we all went for a walk through the local rainforest, which was spectacular. It took hardly any time for them all to relax around me and just enjoy each others company. Often through the day I thought about why when my family all get together, we don't get to unwind in quite the same way ... and I think the trick is getting away! Even with my own little family on the weekends, we hardly ever spend time together just 'being'. There are so many endless little jobs and projects to do, and we float in and out of time with the kids and getting stuff done. I thought about how much we need to do something similar, find a place to all get away and just be - without all the daily disruptions of our normal life. 

This family have been left with a priceless recording of their time together, but I was left inspired to carve some time out to create memories with my own family.