Yup, We Are Crazy! | West Beach, Adelaide

A very short time ago, after a few too many wines, we all got a little bit crazy. What we needed was a break ... a relaxing break. My sister suggested the most wonderful idea. A trip down to the south coast, a holiday park by the beach with all the kids, and a cabin. "Great", I said, "Brilliant idea!" ... "Let's drive to Adelaide!!". It was the wines talking when they all nodded their heads and we set some dates. Somehow, that huge leap in destination didn't phase us... Until we all sobered up and thought through the logistics. 5 Little ones, two cars, a round trip of well over 3000kms and over 30 hours spent in the car. But I was convinced on the idea. We would get to visit our beautiful family, and spend a week living across the road from the most beautiful beach, swimming, eating, and relaxing. The bonus would be that both Addison and Otu could celebrate their birthdays while away and we could make some serious memories for our kiddies. They were smart enough to veto my suggestion of camping (wasn't I glad they did as the rain bucketed down in Albury on the first night of our adventure) but I booked family rooms in motels before anyone could change their minds on my plans. There was no going back now!

We were gone mere days, but it felt like a month. We passed through gorgeous little towns, were blinded by mirages on long dry stretches, stopped to marvel at huge pine forests, and detoured to unknown coast lines, losing ourselves (and our sense of time) in some gorgeous little spots. We celebrated Addisons 5th bday at the local surf club, and cooled little bodies from the 44 degree temps with a dip in the ocean. The storm that hit mere moments after the kids left the water that night was spectacular and thrilling! We pushed little ones to the limit. The longest stretches in the car, exhausting seaside walks to get ice cream, standing tall and strong against crashing waves, and tiring little limbs with never ending sand castle building and sand dune climbing. They coped with creative sleeping arrangements, limited access to technology, and enjoyed loads and loads of laughs, and refreshing ice cream. They love it ALL! For us grown ups, it was refreshing to lose our sense of time and space for a while and just 'be'. We drank too much wine, ate too much great food, laughed, and lazed around on sticky sand. We showered 5 little kids over and over, only to have them crumbed in sand an hour later. We played with them, and watched them play with each other (and fight like siblings!). We enjoyed the hospitality and love of family, littered the balcony with cosies, sandals, and sand buckets, and filled every crevice of the house with sand (and crumbs ... crumbs everywhere!!). 

We had an awesome night celebrating Otu's birthday at the gorgeous 2KW restaurant and bar in the heart of the city... cocktails, stunning views, amazing food, and brilliant company! A night out with no little ones (and no cares) was just bliss. The whole trip was beautiful. There were tears when we left, and wishes from us all to do it all over again.