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Pete and Rach | Centennial Vineyards, Bowral

I drove up to the beautiful property in Mittagong to meet gorgeous Rach and her family, and was stunned by its beauty! For some reason, I had it in my mind that her parents owned the beautiful home she was staying at, and wondered how they could have looked past the immaculate gardens for the wedding ceremony - I was greeted with collective sighs of, “I Wish!” when I voiced my thoughts.

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Ashleigh and Mitch | Bodycotts Studio, Fitzroy Falls + Canyonleigh Hall, Canyonleigh

Apart from my work, my beautiful horse, and of course, my family, one of my biggest passions is my garden. I find myself drifting outside many times throughout the day … sometimes to still myself before a day of shooting, quite often to ground myself after long stretches of editing, and nearly always to clear my mind at the end of a long and busy day.

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Jess and Beau's Wedding | The Briars, Bowral

I love weddings, REALLY love weddings, and always feel so special being asked to photograph such a significant day in a couples lives. In our home, our wedding album is not wrapped in delicate paper and put somewhere 'safe' from little sticky fingers. It is left on our coffee table, and is often found half open on our sofa, dinning table, kids beds etc. The boys love to flick through it, and have made up an entire story from start to finish that they tweak each time they look through it. I won't lie, I feel like the memory of my wedding is much more 'front of mind' because I can't escape the imagery of the day. Our photographer from all those years ago was my inspiration to start my own business. We engaged him just as he was packing up his day job and throwing it all in to start a full time gig photographing people. I thought that was sooo brave! I still follow his work now, and he continues to be absolutely spectacular ... understated, but incredibly talented. I often think back to our wedding day and can't see him in any of my memories. I loved that he managed to be present for every amazing moment, but didn't play a staring role on the day. Fast forward several years, and I have followed in his early footsteps, thrown in my corporate gig, and starting to find my way in this profession full time. I hope that my clients also don't remember me on their special day ... that is my true measure of success!

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