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The Car Wash...

It's been a little over a year since we made the move from Sydney to beautiful Bowral in the Southern highlands of NSW. It took us years to pluck up the courage, and always had great reasons to stay where we were. One Friday afternoon, when picking up the kids from preschool, they begged to go visit one of those carwashes where you drive in and wash the car yourself. They loved hearing the loud noises of the high pressure water, and being momentarily blinded by the thick white soap suds. To be truthful, the car was long over due for a wash, so I was easily worn down. There was one a few suburbs away, so at 3.30 we started off for what should have been a lovely afternoon. An hour and 45min later, we were still on route ... for whatever reason there had been yet another incident on the one and only road we needed to travel on, and traffic was at a standstill. The boys fell asleep, so tired that when we eventually arrived at the car wash, they slept through the vacuuming under their feet, the loud water beating down on the car, and the stop start as we made our way through the now peak hour traffic all the way home ... a mere 5kms away.

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Christmas (and all that food!!) | Bowral

My favourite time of the year is finally here, and boy is it awesome! I love the buzz of the silly season, the manic house cleaning, the endless list of social engagements (most of which belong to my two little boys!), spending time with all the family, and the food, oh the wonderful food! I also love that that these special celebrations spark a lot of deep discussions with Otu on our childhoods, traditions, and the legacy we wish to pass on to our kids. After all these years, we are still discovering new things about each other, or maybe we are just gaining new perspective. Either way, I like thinking about how the past impacts the future and being aware of what special traditions we wish our little boys to take with them on their journey through life. Otu grew up with his mum making gorgeous little Christmas sweets, which she still makes for our boys each and every year. She even brings them frozen with her on the plane when she comes to Sydney (knowing full well that as soon as she arrives in Bowral, there's not a minute spare for baking!). I make the boys wait till I have my coffee before opening any gifts, a tradition passed down from my dad ... who doesn't do anything without a cup of coffee and his breakfast! I heard the boys wake up at 5 this morning and sit around the tree, guessing what's in each box and getting more and more excited as they patiently waited till i finally got up at 7! It's always a good thing to practice patience and delayed gratification, even on Christmas morning!

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