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Candles, Fingerprints, and Houses | Bowral

So by now you all know that we transformed our lives a year and a half ago, and moved our family out of the Sydney rat race and escaped to the country (ok ok, it's very civilised country, but I have no street lights on my street, and that makes me feel sooo remote!)

My corporate life was also a million miles away from my current vocation. A lifetime ago, my day job was a Retail Planner. It was one of those jobs no one ever knows exists. Somehow stuff magically appears in stores. At best, people know all about 'Buyers' ... they have the glamorous job of traveling around the world, picking out the latest and greatest trends, negotiating killer deals, getting the timing just right so that these products are all over your social media feeds, and fly out the door. But Planners? no one knows about the Planners! It was my job to manage the money side of all these amazing items hitting our shelves ... Years of data would be analysed so we could work out where we should spend our dollars in the year to come, budgets and key indicators would be set, quantities of purchases determined, orders placed, shipments tracked, correct quantities allocated out to various stores ... then (real story) ... fingers crossed. On the other end, we managed seasonal transitions, markdowns, and the whole process would start all over again. When your favourite store is out of stock of your favourite item, or all the size 12 tops are out of stock (and there are heaps of 6's and 14's) there's a Planner (or Planning Software) for you to blame :) 

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